DBPD: Man Stole Thousands Of Dollars In Items From Neighbor

daniel suba

Daytona Beach, FL – A Daytona Beach man is cuffed and booked for stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics, clothes and other items from one of his neighbors.

36-year-old Daniel Suba (picture courtesy Volusia County Jail) was arrested just before 7pm Tuesday by the Daytona Beach Police Department, 3 days after he allegedly broke into his neighbor’s apartment at the Woodcrest Apartments.

DBPD says Suba’s neighbor – who was not identified in the arrest report – discovered that she had been robbed around 1am Saturday and reported it to them and to property management.

That neighbor told police someone took a long list of items from her apartment, including 2 televisions, a laptop computer, a camera and a printer along with several bags of jewelry, 6 Coach purses and 17 pairs of jeans.

Also taken in that robbery, according to that neighbor, were 66 DVD’s, including some Disney titles, as well as new boy’s clothing, a Captain America mask and a Monsters Inc. lunch box.

According to the neighbor, the stolen property was valued at over $7,000, but the grand theft charge Suba was hit with is for theft of items up to $5,000.

Police think Suba broke in through a window and took the items he stole to his apartment, where most were hidden in a closet until the property manager stumbled across them on Tuesday.

That manager called DBPD saying she found the items after going into Suba’s apartment to change the air filter and to check on the cat that belongs to Suba and his wife since Suba’s wife was in the hospital after having recently delivered a baby.

The neighbor told the property manager and DBPD that those items did belong to her after police got a search warrant for Suba’s apartment.

When questioned by police, Suba claimed he was drinking and taking Xanax on the night of the robbery and does not remember everything that happened that night. Suba did allegedly tell DBPD he remembered being in his neighbor’s backyard and that he woke up the following morning with all those items in his home.

Suba’s wife also allegedly told police that her husband does occasionally bring home “stuff” even though he doesn’t work.

Suba remains in custody on $6,000 bond on felony charges of grand theft and burglary.

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