Holly Hill Houseboat Sells For Nearly $13K On eBay

02-15-13 holly hill houseboat

Holly Hill, FL - A 52-foot houseboat – the subject of a long legal battle after it went aground along the Intracoastal Waterway 2 years ago – has been sold on eBay for nearly $13,000 dollars.

Bidding on the vessel ended at 5pm Valentine’s Day, with the final bid of $12,979.60 made 40 seconds before the auction closed.

Holly Hill city manager Jim McCroskey tells WNDB he’s pretty happy with the way the auction went.

“When we tried to sell it at the auction before, it only brought $3,000 and it was in pretty bad shape,” McCroskey added. “We had the Public Works department clean it up and it showed a lot better.”

According to the terms posted on eBay, the new buyer had 24 hours after the auction ended to put down a $1,000 deposit, with the full payment due within 7 days of the auction close.

As to who the buyer is, that remains a mystery since eBay doesn’t disclose the username of who bought the boat. Not even to the city.

“I don’t even know who won it,” McCroskey said. “I just know they put the deposit down, so I’m fairly sure they’re gonna come with the rest.”

The boat’s previous owner, Robert McGary, fought with Holly Hill officials after they tried to remove the boat from where it went aground near LPGA Boulevard during a storm in 2011.

At one point, McGary accused the city of “piracy” and made allegedly threatening phone calls about what he would do if anyone tried to board his boat.

That legal battle, according to McCroskey, likely put them in the red in this venture, even with the auction money.

“[McGary] took us all the way to the Fifth Circuit with his appeals,” McCroskey added. “He applied as a pauper, so he didn’t have to pay any fees to sue us. We, of course, had to protect our position all the way.”

The buyer will be responsible for picking up or shipping the vehicle from the Public Works compound in Holly Hill, though the city has offered the new owner the option to place the boat in the Intercostal Waterway for $1,000 after the boat has been paid for in full.

According to the eBay terms, the new owner also has 60 days to remove the boat from the storage yard and no refunds are being offered.

The photo in this story comes from the eBay listing.

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