New Smyrna Beach Mailman Booked For Defrauding Customers

randell lee holley

New Smyrna Beach, FL - A U.S. Postal Service mailman is out of jail after authorities say he scammed numerous people along his mail route out of money.

Randell Lee Holley (picture courtesy Volusia County Jail) of Jungle Road in New Smyrna Beach is facing charges of petit theft and fraud following his arrest around 4:20pm Saturday.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office says they were first contacted in this matter by a resident on Glenhaven Street in New Smyrna Beach July 13th.

That resident told deputies she got a knock on the door around 4:40am that Saturday morning from Holley, whom she recognized as her mailman for the past year or so.

The victim says Holley told her his son was the person who delivered her copy of the Daytona Beach News Journal, but the vehicle he uses to deliver the paper had broken down and needed to be towed away.

According to the incident report, Holley told the victim he needed to collect $47.50 in overdue newspaper fees right then and there to cover the costs of towing the vehicle.

She told V.C.S.O. she gave him $47 and he promised her he’d give her a receipt when delivering mail the following Monday.

Later on that morning, she grew suspicious about the incident, so she told deputies she called the D.B.N.J. and they told her Holley’s son is not her normal delivery person.

She says they also told her she did not owe any money to them, prompting her to call law enforcement for help.

A V.C.S.O. deputy then got in contact with a U.S.P.S. supervisor, who stated Holley is the normal mailman on that route and that they were having issues with him about not showing up to work.

A deputy says he went by Holley’s residence numerous times on July 13th, but wasn’t able to get in contact with him until around 4:20pm, at which point he was placed under arrest.

When questioned, Holley told the deputy that resident allowed him to borrow the money and that he never told her anything about his son or her newspaper subscription.

Holley also said he used some of the $47 to buy donuts and TV dinners and still had $25.10 of the money she had given him in his pocket, according to the incident report.

The 67-year-old man is now free on $1,500 bond.

A records check also showed that 2 other people had reported Holley to V.C.S.O. recently, both telling similar stores as the resident on Glenhaven Street. Holley was not charged in either case since he paid back both his victims.

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