Ormond Beach Sunday Morning Alcohol Sales Ordinance Passes First Reading

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Ormond Beach, FL - The fight to end Ormond Beach’s Sunday morning alcohol ban is almost officially over.

By a 4-0 vote during Tuesday night’s City Commission meeting, its members agree to amend their current “Blue Law” to allow alcohol sales on Sunday morning. The ordinance still must pass a second reading.

The 5-member board was short a person during the meeting. Zone 3 Commissioner Rick Boehm was not in attendance.

Everyone else agreed to the first reading of the ordinance, which does bans the sale of alcohol in Ormond Beach between the hours of 2am and 7am every day.

Prior to this move, alcohol sales were banned in Ormond Beach until noon on Sundays.

Some restaurant owners had complained to the city recently that the ban was costing them customers to nearby localities where there’s no ban on those sales on Sundays.

Prior to the vote, Ormond Beach Mayor Ed Kelley said he found a good example of their issues after a recent trip to church on a Sunday morning.

“A gentleman came up to me and said he and his wife and another couple wanted to go to Bonefish [Grill] for lunch and has [the ordinance] been passed yet?” Kelley said. “I said ‘No, you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks,’ and he turned to the other group and said ‘We’ll have to wait 2 weeks’.”

Zone 2 Commissioner Troy Kent also expressed his support for the change.

“We’re going to help keep business in Ormond Beach,” Kent said. “This is long overdue.”

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