Volusia County Schools Offering Pay Raises To Teachers


DeLand, FL – Teachers in Volusia County could be getting pay raises of up to $2,250 by the time the school year begins again in August.

In response to the $10.4 million in state funding handed out by the Florida Legislature and Governor Rick Scott earlier this year, Volusia County Schools is presenting a plan to the county’s teachers’ union that would have the raises put in place for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year.

“At a time when the school district has had to overcome a substantial budget deficit for the upcoming school year, we are especially appreciative of the state funding set aside for instructional salaries,” stated V.C.S. Superintendent Dr. Margaret Smith.

The plan handed to the Volusia Teachers Organization on Monday offers pay raises of at least $1,850 and up to $2,250 to all teachers, principals, assistant principals and other school personnel based on how they are rated.

Those rated as “effective” would receive the $1,850 raise, while those judged to be “highly effective” would get the $2,250 raise.

Under the plan, no raises would be handed out to those employees rated “unsatisfactory” or “needing improvement” in their evaluations.

The plan also ups beginning teacher salary in Volusia County by at least $1,000, a move Smith says is meant to boost teacher recruiting efforts and compete with neighboring districts.

The state funding specifically allocated for salary increases cannot be used for any other purpose and must be distributed by all school districts no later than June 2014.

This was the first year the legislature earmarked state funding specifically for educator raises.

If the raises are accepted by the teacher’s union – which is currently in negotiations with V.C.S. – they could be in place by August, which is when V.C.S. says they hope to have the new contract ratified.

The next negotiation session between V.C.S. and V.T.O. is scheduled for July 29.

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