Celebrate the Fourth of July with this ultimate food and wine pairing guide


(BPT) - Whether it be a day spent by the pool, a barbecue or a highly anticipated firework show, the Fourth of July is all about celebrating the peak of summer. For those hosting their family and friends this year, Gallo has created a guide to help make your gathering one to remember! No matter the occasion, this roundup will not only match the playful vibes of summer, but it'll complement any favorite bite being served up.

Pop open La Marca and liven up your sips with a little sparkle

Bottle of LaMarca Prosecco and a filled glass raised to the sun.

With its balanced and lively taste, this effortless Italian sparkling wine is perfect for toasting to the nation's birthday. Born in Treviso, Italy's Prosecco capital, La Marca will bring a touch of sparkle to every moment as you raise a glass to the red, white and blue this year.

With its crisp and refreshing style, America's favorite sparkling wine has a delicate floral palate with fruity aromas of green apple, juicy peach and ripe lemon. So, if you're grilling up salmon for the main course or breaking out a masterful charcuterie board for guests to snack on, La Marca provides the perfect balance. You can even pair a bottle with a fruit salad or dessert before the fireworks kick off. Visit LamarcaProsecco.com/FindNearMe to find a bottle near you.

Mimic the exuberance of summer with Barefoot

A bottle of barefoot wine and two filled glasses by a huge snack tray.

If you're looking for a wine that'll suit any occasion, look no further than Barefoot — America's favorite wine brand[1]. With its playful energy and ability to welcome more new wine drinkers to the category than any other brand[2], Barefoot will bring just the vibes you’re looking for this Fourth of July. Plus, it'll go with just about anything you’re serving up, from chef-inspired meals to poolside bites.

Barefoot's Pinot Grigio is specifically a light-bodied classic with flavors of tart green apples and fresh white peaches. Its citrus aroma makes it the perfect pour for a dinner of grilled chicken or light seafood dishes. It also pairs well with a side of pasta salad or even fun snacks — including those iconic holiday-themed ice pops! Find your nearest Barefoot options at BarefootWine.com/FindNearMe.

Set sail and embrace authenticity with Whitehaven

Bottle of whitehaven being poured into glasses for a celebratory event outdoors.

Born in the sunny vineyards of New Zealand, there's no better choice than Whitehaven's Sauvignon Blanc to match the sweltering heat only the Fourth of July can bring. The bright and infectious vibrancy of just one bottle, will remind you of what summer is all about and bring the energy to any Fourth of July celebration.

With vibrant tropical notes and a crisp herbaceous edge, this wine's bright character will also complement the flavors of grilled fish, light meats, a festive summer salad or vegetable-forward dishes. Locate your nearest Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc at WhitehavenWine.com/FindNearMe.

Put a modern twist on tradition with Franciscan

Group of friends enjoying a bottle of wine while having dinner outside.

With deep roots in California, Franciscan is known for its rich history. However, while it offers a sense of tradition, the brand also displays forward-thinking and has been able to bring its own modern spin to the region. "Letting the fruit speak for itself," Franciscan is guaranteed to deliver on a bold burst of flavor this Fourth of July.

Franciscan's Chardonnay is specifically a bright, approachable white wine with hints of pineapple and lemon flower along with notes of juicy pear and apple, making it the perfect wine to complement whatever's on your grill this Fourth of July, especially poultry dishes like pineapple chicken. You can also pair it with light seafood, pasta and a variety of tasty cheeses. Visit Franciscan.com/FindNearMe to explore Franciscan wines in your area.

Make the most of your Fourth of July celebrations this year with Gallo's standout pairing guide. From the sparkle of La Marca and the playful energy of Barefoot to the vibrancy of Whitehaven and modernity of Franciscan, Gallo has the perfect brands for just about any bite you might be serving up or any party you might be throwing.

Disclaimer: Ages 21+. Drink responsibly.

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