Electric Vehicles Are Perfect for Fall Road Trips


(BPT) - Gearing up for a weekend getaway this fall? The leaves are turning, and the air is feeling a little more crisp. It’s the perfect time for a road trip. Grab the bags and supplies and get going in an electric vehicle. They are the perfect choice for travel needs and are quite practical on a road trip.

EVs have risen in popularity and charging stations have expanded. This means it’s now easier to charge on the road. The trick is to map out where charging stations are along routes and find nearby restaurants, local attractions, and neighborhoods. It creates a little vacation along the way to the final destination.

For those in the market for an electric vehicle, make sure to look for special lease offers or incentives that lower the purchase price and make recharging less expensive. Also, check with local utility companies. They might have deals for home charging stations and offer low-cost off-peak electricity plans for overnight charging.

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