3 Arrested for Felony Littering in Pierson


Three men were arrested by the Volusia Sheriff's Office last week for dumping 860 pounds of trash in Pierson, according to a report from the VSO. The dump occurred near the entrance to the Lake George Wildlife Management Area.

The VSO responded to the site of the dumping, and were moving trash out of the road along with area residents when they discovered the piece of evidence that would lead them to their suspects: a receipt amongst the trash from Winn-Dixie. There, two cans of Bumble Bee tuna and two jugs of spring water had been purchased.

Deputies brought the receipt to the Winn-Dixie store in question and were able to work with the store to identify three men believed to have dumped the trash. Upon tracking them down, deputies were apparently able to procure a confession.

The men reportedly told deputies that they'd recently completed an insulation job, and that one of them came up with the idea to leave the waste on a back road to save the trouble of taking it to the dump. He reportedly said he knew it was a bad idea, but figured it'd be more convenient.

The three suspects arrested by the VSO are 51-year-old James Dunne, 21-year-old Connor Dunne, and 24-year-old Kyle Hayes. All three were charged with littering over 500 pounds, a felony. Hayes has prior bookings for driving under the influence and burglary.

L-R: Connor Dunne, James Dunne, and Kyle Hayes.
L-R: Connor Dunne, James Dunne, and Kyle Hayes.