Charging Affidavit Shows Elizabeth Crisanti's Death A Result Of Domestic Violence


Ormond Beach, FL - Nelson Rivera is in the Volusia County Jail on a charge of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of 62-year-old Elizabeth Crisanti, held without bond. The charging affidavit shows that Crisanti was found with a knife in her chest and additional puncture wounds to her body. Interviews with Crisanti's two granddaughters, ages 5 and 11, relatives, and friends all provided similar information that she and Rivera had a toxic relationship. Beacon Center Chief Executive Officer Angie Pye said that this was most likely a case of domestic violence.

Pye said that we're in such a different time right now, coming out of the pandemic, being isolated, and those in a relationship with an abusive partner suffer the most. Crisanti had only lived in her apartment since June. There's no record with the Volusia Sheriff's Office of any problems there but it was known that she and Rivera had a toxic relationship. Pye said it's likely there was no physical violence previously. "So many people don't realize that a lot of the abuse that people are enduring is not criminal or necessarily physical like we're hearing with this case."

We don't know the whole story of what happened in that apartment but Pye says if you need to talk, even anonymously, or need help leaving a situation and you have nowhere to go, the Beacon Center is available to help in whatever way you need. If there are no beds available at the shelter, they'll put you in a motel room.  "They can call or text our hotline at 386- 255-2102. We'll get people safe and then we can figure out next steps."

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