Daytona Macy's to be Torn Down for Luxury Apartments


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - The former Macy's building at the Volusia Mall will be torn down to accommodate new luxury apartments. The project is to be spearheaded by two developers from outside the state, who hope to transform the role the Volusia Mall area plays within the community.

The complex will have 350 luxury apartments. Jon Wood, director for the California company Legacy Partners, has said that another developer, Elm Creek, will be aiming to carry out a similar project on the Sears building nerby. The Macy's closed down in early 2021, and the Sears did back in 2019. Wood evidently had explored purchasing the Sears building as well, but was told that the other company had already made plans to develop their own project in that space.

"We inquired about buying the Sears from them," Wood said. "They are planning to redevelop it." The Elm Creek company has largely refused comment on what they intend to develop on the Sears space. A Texas-based newspaper, however, has stated that it may become another apartment building.