DBPD Offers Latest Updates In Officer Shooting


Daytona Beach, FL - In an effort to keep the public and the media up-to-date on  Officer Jason Raynor's health and when the suspect in his shooting, 29-year-old Othal Wallace, will be extradited from Georgia, Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD) Public Information Officer Messod Bendayan has issued a press release with the answers to questions as he knows them as of today, June 28, 2021.

  • RAYNOR’S HEALTH: There’s no change officially. He’s still in critical condition. There are some positive signs, though. We’re hopeful it’ll keep going in the right direction. I will not go into details of his injury.
  • WALLACE’S EXTRADITION: I do NOT know when this is going to happen. So you’re aware… I normally am NOT told when suspects will be extradited. If I find out and I can release it, I will.
  • COURT APPEARANCES IN GA:  I have no idea. Get with the DeKalb County (GA) Jail or clerk of court since he’s still in their custody for now
  • PERP WALKS: We don’t do that.
  • WARRANT: Georgia State Patrol executed it, so please reach out to them for that.
  • REWARD: The first $100,000 was a joint DBPD/Volusia Sheriff’s Office effort. The extra $100,000 came from an anonymous donor.
  • GOFUNDME PAGE: We received many inquiries from the public asking how they could assist Officer Raynor and his family, so that’s why it was created. The page was solely created as a means for people who wanted to donate to Raynor and his family. GoFundMe for Jason Raynor.


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