De Leon Springs

De Leon Springs Woman Allegedly Poisons Partner's Drink with Roach Spray


DE LEON SPRINGS, Fla. - 29-year-old De Leon Springs resident Veronica Cline has been arrested by the Volusia Sheriff's Office on allegations that she poisoned a man's drink with Raid brand roach spray. Deputies responded to a call on Wheeler Street to treat the victim and arrest Cline.

According to the VSO, Cline had been at the bar Thursday night into Friday morning, and had returned to her and her partner's home soon thereafter. She reportedly asked the victim to continue drinking with her there, and he proceeded to have two drinks.

At some point after having the drinks, the victim is said to have told Cline he was feeling sick. That's when he said she informed him she'd spiked his drinks with Raid. The victim began vomiting for half an hour from the effects of the poison, before finally gathering the strength to call for help. The VSO's report implies the vomiting continued even as he gave his statement to a deputy.

By the time police arrived Cline was no longer on-premises, launching a K9 search of the immediate area. She was quickly located and arrested. As of now Cline is being held at the Volusia County Branch Jail on no bond, charged with poisoning food or water. A police report reveals deputies had an audio recording of Cline admitting what she'd done to her partner, a piece of evidence which no doubt proved useful in charging her.

The victim was taken to AdventHealth DeLand to be treated for his ailments, and was reported to be in stable condition. A witness at the home reported that the pair argue often, and that Cline typically instigated the disputes.