Drunk Driver Crashes Into Closed Daycare Center

Third DUI-Related Crash This Week


Deltona, FL - A Deltona man was said to be almost three times over the legal limit when his Jeep slammed into a closed daycare facility.

A report from Volusia County deputies says the driver, Duane Doty, wasn’t able to complete a field sobriety test and was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. Two subsequent breath tests taken about an hour of a half after the crash provided readings of 0.225 and 0.214, almost three times the legal limit.

A 911 call placed at the La Petite Academy on Deltona Boulevard around 11:30 Thursday night (Feb. 10) is what led to deputies discovering the crash. A witness there told investigators he watched as a Jeep swerved off the road, through some trees and into the building. 

He then pointed out Doty, who had climbed out of the vehicle and was wandering around the parking lot. No one was in the building at the time of the crash.

Besides a charge for DUI, Doty is also facing an additional charge of indecent exposure after he urinated on the floor of a holding cell. He remains in jail on bond set at $1,500 as of Friday morning (Feb. 11).

This is the third drunk driving incident this week that resulted in a crash. First on Monday (Feb. 7), Flagler County bus driver Michael McNeil was in a crash involving another car while elementary school children were aboard his bus. Two days later, McNeil was arrested and charged with DUI, on top of other charges, after it was discovered he had a blood alcohol level quadruple the legal limit.

Also on Wednesday, Aubree Juergens was arrested after her vehicle struck a marked Daytona Beach Police Department SUV on LPGA Boulevard. The SUV belonged to Officer Elijah Wekony, who was struck by the SUV after Juergens collided with it. Wekony suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized, but is said to be recovering. Juergens was found to be over twice the legal limit at 0.187. She bonded out of jail the following morning.