Edgewater Debuts Interactive Construction Update Map


EDGEWATER, Fla. - A new tool has been created for Edgewater residents who are interested in tracking their city's development. The city website now features an interactive map where curious parties can search for a construction project near them to find out what it's going to become.

Currently over a dozen pings are registered on the map within Edgewater city limits. The site lists the address of the project, its zoning designation, purpose, parcel number, size, and a contact resource for someone associated with the construction project.

For example, an area off India Palm Drive may have stuck out to residents in recent months. By using Edgewater's new tool, it can be seen that the area is currently subject to approval for 20 new duplex houses. 

The map covers both residential and non-residential projects, and so there's now a way to keep track of development both where new housing is concerned, and other projects like warehouses or airplane hangars. The latter of which is a reality; the 4,800 square foot Hanan Hangar is set to go up adjacent to Edgewater Airpark.


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