Father Charged With First-Degree Murder In Death Of His Own Child In Court Friday

State Attorney Seeking the Death Penalty


UPDATE; Jan 7 - Per the State Attorney's spokesperson, Friday's hearing was not completed. The State Attorney's Office has agreed to not submit the indictment in any form to the jury, as it could be prejudicial to the case. Judge Dawn Nichols said no to the defense request "for the court reporter to note the race of all jurors examined during the jury selection." Also, the defense had asked that Scott's confession to OBPD and DCF not be used in court. The judge will hear arguments about that issue on Monday, Jan 10.

DeLand, FL -  A father who confessed to the murder of his own child is scheduled for a Criminal Hearing in DeLand Friday afternoon. According to a report from the Department of Children & Families, Calib Scott made a confession to law enforcement and to the Child Protective Investigator that he killed his four-month-old son Daemon. He detailed being frustrated by Daemon’s crying and dropped him on the floor, picked him up by his neck, hit him across the face, and subsequently threw him onto the changing table where his head hit a metal bar. 

Scott has been sitting in the Volusia County Jail since June 2019, being held without bond, charged with child neglect, aggravated child abuse, and first-degree murder by aggravated child abuse.

State Attorney R.J. Larizza, who is seeking the death penalty in this case, released the following statement at the time of the offense, “Baby Daemon couldn’t walk, he couldn’t talk, he couldn’t roll from his back to his front,” Larizza said. “He couldn’t protect himself. He couldn’t fight back.”

Motions were made on Wednesday of this week "for court reporter to note the race of all jurors examined during the jury selection" and another asking "to preclude submission of the indictment in any form to the jury." A spokesperson for the State Attorney's Office said the motions are typical in a murder case. He also said this case could go to trial in March.

Calib Scott