FCSO Investigating Road Rage Incident


Palm Coast, FL - Flagler County sheriff's investigators are trying to locate the vehicle and the person involved in a case of road rage that happened at Old Kings Road and Palm Coast Parkway yesterday (February 4). They got a call from a witness at about 7:15 p.m. reporting that she saw a person exit a car and fire a gun into the back of a white cargo van in front of it.

The witness told officers that both vehicles turned north on to Old Kings Road. The van pulled into the Staples parking lot and the witness followed the car until it turned on Farragut Drive. 

Officers responding to the scene of the incident found several expended 9mm bullet casings on the ground. They had to issue a BOLO for the van as it was no longer in the parking lot. They found it parked on a shoulder of Harbor Center Drive near the intersection with Palm Harbor Village Way.

The driver told deputies that he was traveling westbound on Palm Coast Parkway when he noticed a small dark car driving aggressively and unsafely. Then, the driver of the vehicle threw a water bottle at his van and drove closely behind in an aggressive manner.

Besides the driver, there were two passengers in the van. Though there were several bullet holes in the vehicle, no one was hit or injured. Three bullet holes were visible on the rear of the van. Two were located on the driver’s side rear door, and one was located in the center of the rear bumper. The two holes on the rear door also penetrated the vehicle’s interior. A single bullet was recovered from the rear cargo area of the vehicle.