Florida Among the Worst States to Raise a Family

Out of 50 states, Florida doesn't even make the top 30


Are you thinking of starting a family in Florida soon? Maybe you should think again. Florida is ranked as the 12th worst state to raise a family in the U.S.  

Wallet-Hub, a financial website has ranked all 50 states based on categories such as affordability, health, safety, education, child care, and family fun.

How well the state is handling the COVID-19 pandemic was also a factor in this ranking. The data includes the median annual family income, housing affordability, and the unemployment rate.

Massachusetts ranked highest for child-rearing, while New York is #2.  The worst state of the 50 ranked is Mississippi. Florida comes in at a lowly 39. The Sunshine State came in last place for affordability and is one of the most divorced and separated states.

Thanks to the beaches and theme parks, Florida is in sixth place for family fun.

Find the full results of the survey here