Flagler Beach Government Holding Emergency Meeting Following Dune Erosion


FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. - The Flagler Beach City Commission is holding an emergency meeting Wednesday at 9:00 am to discuss actions following the dramatic erosion of the beach dunes.

Aggressive tides over the last few days have caused a substantial reshaping of the beach surface right at the heart of Flagler Beach, causing much of it to become dangerous to navigate on foot. No major storm was associated with the erosion as in previous years.

The City Commission will be meeting in its chambers at 9:00 am, with things open to the public and with opportunity for comment. A special study on the issue may be commissioned at the discretion of the Commission and City Manager William Whitson to determine what can be done next to restore the iconic sand dunes.

For now, the Flagler Beach Police Department asks beachgoers to stay safe when traversing the eroded area of the dunes.


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