Volusia County

Front-Elevated Truck Banned Takes Effect on Volusia County Beaches


DELAND, Fla. - The Volusia County Council last week voted to ban what's known as the 'Carolina Squat' on the area's beaches. While not everyone may know the colorful shorthand for it, most Volusia residents have at one time or another seen what it refers to: a vehicle with the front end lifted high off the group, creating a noticeable diagonal slant.

The measure was advocated for by Sheriff Mike Chitwood, who holds that these lifts make it harder for motorists to see what's in front of them when driving on the beach. This, he says, creates a significant safety hazard.

The vote to ban the lifts was unanimous, demonstrating both the resolve with which county officials see the issue at hand, and the degree to which they're in lockstep with the county's ultra-popular sheriff. Conversely, the Council did decide to balk at making a decision on requiring partially open tents on the beach, a measure also supported by the Volusia Sheriff's Office.

Motorists on Volusia's beaches should now observe a requirement which mandates no greater than four inches' separation between the front and rear fenders in height. This would appear to effectively also ban a downward-facing lift, if any residents felt compelled to test that look out on their vehicles.