Golf Cart Joy Ride Leads to Four Arrests & $5K In Damages


Palm Coast, FL - A ride around the golf course Saturday (September 26) night at Hammock Beach Resort resulted in about $5,000 worth of damage to the cart, the course, and various equipment. Flagler County Sheriff's Office investigators say the culprits are four juveniles who were staying at the resort with two of the boys mother. 

Most of the criminal mischief was caught on surveillance cameras. Around midnight, the foursome entered the parking garage and damaged the golf cart while removing a steering lock. They drove onto the golf course, causing damage to the golf course as well as running over and breaking five flag markers, ten golf bag racks, eight tee markers.

One of the boys lost his wallet on the golf course. Deputies made contact with the mother, her two sons, and the other two juveniles. All four juveniles confessed to stealing the golf cart and damaging the property. They were arrested and charged with Grand Theft and Criminal Mischief.

“These kids on vacation thought that they could wreak havoc and get away with it,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “Unfortunately their joy ride turned into an expensive lesson on what happens when you purposefully damage someone else’s property. I understand all four boys were remorseful so I hope that they have learned a very valuable lesson.”

The juveniles got a ride to the Flagler County Jail where they were processed, then turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Daytona Beach. They were released to their legal guardians.

Hammock Beach Resort, golf cart