Helping Hands: Ways To Support Halifax Humane Society


Daytona Beach, FL - Wanting to do more for your local sheltered animals? There’s a plethora of opportunities available at Halifax Humane Society.

One of the most common ways to help the shelter is to volunteer, but the shelter’s Community Outreach Director Barry KuKes says there’s a lot you can do beyond just volunteering your time; but of course any help you can provide is always appreciated.

Volunteering & Fostering

Barry says the shelter is always in need of volunteers, and there’s always something to do. A favorite of past volunteers is walking the dogs and getting to interact with the animals in the shelter one-on-one. But there’s a lot more volunteers can do. Fancy yourself a shutterbug? The shelter is looking for volunteers who can help photograph the pets for adoption and community outreach.

Volunteers are also needed to help out with the boarding and grooming of animals, and they always need a few extra hands for their community events around the area. Additionally, volunteers are also needed to assist with administrative work and laundry.

“It’s fine if people don’t have time to commit to being a volunteer on a weekly basis. If you want to help us out once or twice a year, we’re happy to have that,” said Barry.

But if you’re looking to do more than just volunteer, and you have the wherewithal,  the shelter is always looking for someone to foster an animal. Some of the animals at the shelter—like premature or “preemie” kittens and animals that may have had major medical procedures—require special attention and help, and fostering them out gives the shelter a chance to provide that special attention and help, and prepare the animals for adoption.

“Fostering helps us a lot, it helps the animals get back on their feet,” said Barry.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the shelter, visit the Volunteer Today webpage to learn more. Interested in fostering an animal? Contact the shelter by emailing or call 386-274-4703 ext. 331.

Donations & Sponsorships

You can always donate money to the shelter, as cash can always be used, but there are a few other items the shelter could use in lieu of money. 

“A lot of people like to donate food because they know where it’s going,” said Barry.

Barry says the shelter is always in need of wet and dry dog and cat food—mostly wet—along with food specifically mixed for puppies and kittens. And they can always use a few donations of peanut butter or dog treats. There’s also one item that the shelter can always use, and it’s one that some might not think about often: shredded paper. Barry says the shelter can always use donations of shredded paper to use for their critter cages, as animals like rabbits get adopted out rather frequently.

On top of it all though, cash is still king. Barry says the shelter is always in need of cash donations so they can purchase medical equipment and medicine, as the shelter does have two veterinarians and processes a number of medical cases.

Local business owners and residents may also sign up for one of the shelter’s sponsorship opportunities. For $250, someone can sponsor a kennel and have their name displayed on the sponsored cage/kennel for one year. Or, also for $250, you can have an engraved brick installed at the shelter for a permanent way to show your support.

Local businesses can choose to become regular donors to the shelter, or sponsor one of Halifax’s many events throughout the year. Those interested in sponsoring an event can contact the shelter’s events manager at If you’re interested in becoming an annual sponsor, email Michelle Hebb at

Donations can be made online by clicking here.

Buy The Book

Besides being the outreach coordinator, Barry is also a regular supporter of the shelter, but in a different kind of way. Barry is a regular column contributor for the Daytona Beach News-Journal and the USA Today network. He took 76 of his favorite columns and combined them into a book called “Why Do People Have Pets?”

The book is published through Amazon and can be purchased online. The best part is, all the profits go back to the shelter. And not just Halifax, Barry says the books go to support whatever local pet shelters are in the area where the book was bought. So if the book was bought in Los Angeles, the money will go towards an animal shelter in Los Angeles.

The book can be found on Amazon, and paperback copies are available at the shelter’s location on LPGA Boulevard in Daytona Beach.

Upcoming Events

You can show your support for the Halifax Humane Society by also attending or volunteering at one of their events.

Coming up in time for Valentine's Day is Yappy Hour, hosted at To Better Days Wine Bar & Bistro in Ormond Beach. The cost to attend is $15 and attendees are welcome to bring their well-behaved and leashed dogs. That $15 fee gets you entrance into the event, two drinks, and light appetizers. There will also be a couple of animals from the shelter at the event. That event is on February 9 and runs from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Be sure to check out their webpage for future events.


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