Jury Trial Begins Today For Accused Man In Death Of 88-Year-Old NSB Woman


DeLand, FL - The jury trial for the man indicted in the 1990 rape, beating, and murder of 88-year-old Whitney Gunn gets underway today. Lynn E. Young was 17-years-old when the crime was committed at Gunn's New Smyrna Beach home. At 48, he's already serving life in prison for raping a woman while pretending to be a police officer.

New Smyrna Beach Police (NSBPD) Chief Mike Coffin said that when he interviewed Young, it appeared that the crime was random. "The only thing I can tell you that [Young] did tell us was that he did not know Whitney Gunn, never met Whitney Gunn, never had a relationship with Whitney Gunn," Coffin added. "So, to me, that's about as random as it gets." 

Until the day Young was indicted, this was the oldest unsolved cold case in the city's history.

Grand Jury Indicts Man In 1990 Murder Of NSB Woman

Jury selection begins this morning at 8: 30 a.m. in front of Volusia County Judge Dawn Nichols. The Florida State Attorney's Office 7th Judicial Circuit has alloted three calendar days for jury selection.

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