Juvenile Facing Charges After Shooting Teen With BB Gun


Palm Coast, FL - A Flagler County teen is charged with aggravated assault and battery after shooting another teenager with a BB rifle.

On Thursday (Oct. 7), deputies learned about the incident when AdventHealth in Palm Coast notified the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office about a 15-year-old who came into the emergency room with a single gunshot wound to the abdomen; a non-life-threatening injury according to medical personnel.

The victim said they were walking on a bike trail with their friend from Matanzas High School when they were yelled at by another juvenile from his residence. The other juvenile was shouting at the two juveniles from a screened-in patio telling them to leave the area. The teens continued on the bike trail until they were approached by the teen who yelled at them, who was now armed with a BB rifle.

The two teens became scared and attempted to leave the area when a single shot was fired, striking the victim and causing him to fall to his knees. The teen who fired then ran inside his residence laughing, according to the victim’s report. The two victims continued home where the injured victim later notified his mother of the incident. He was then taken to AdventHealth for medical attention.

After determining their identity, deputies met the teen at their residence and questioned them. Upon questioning, the 14-year-old suspect stated he was sitting outside when the two juveniles showed up at the rear of his residence on the bike trail. He told them to leave and when they didn’t, he grabbed a BB gun to scare them. He then aimed the BB-rifle and using the rifle’s scope fired the BB gun one-time toward them and went back inside his residence.

The teen has since been arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery causing bodily harm. They were processed at the Flagler County Jail before their custody was transferred to the Department of Juvenile Justice.