Local Mom Creates Page To Honor Volusia County H.S. Seniors


Port Orange, FL - Graduating high school is a big deal, with prom and a number of other activities, including the Senior Walk. This year, dues to COVID-19, that’s not going to happen.

Local Mom, Staci Tramont, doesn’t have a child graduating this year but wants the kids that are, to know they are loved and appreciated. She explains how the Adopt A Volusia County 2020 Senior Facebook page works. "Post a bio of your student on the page. This will include their graduate school, accomplishments and photos. People will then adopt their senior. This means they are pledging to send a letter, card, gift card or anything to let them know that we are rooting for them."

Tramont said what the people are doing for the kids they adopt is amazing. "I think the most moving is the ones with unique circumstances.  Most of them are adopted anonymously  and yet these complete strangers are literally buying their clothing, their dorm room necessities and so forth."

Not being able to celebrate your child's high school graduation is not something Tramont would want to do. "I have four children and my oldest graduated last year.  I can completely can not imagine not being able to celebrate her senior year with her. These strangers are really feeling the same thing."

Tramont asks you to please make sure you screen the person adopting and don’t give out personal info. if you aren’t comfortable with them. Also, all negative posts will be deleted. We have decided not to allow any sales posts.

Tramont said she’d like for every senior in Volusia County to be ‘adopted.’ Here's the link to the Facebook  page.


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