Man Carjacked At Gun Point While Trying To Sell His Car Using An App


Daytona Beach, FL - The Daytona Beach Police Department reminds you that if you're selling something using a smartphone app, meet your buyer in a safe place. A man using the app made arrangements to sell a 2006 BMW and set up a meet with the buyer in a parking lot near the John H. Dickerson Heritage Library on South Keech Street.

A witness, who was meeting up with the same buyer to sell them a cell phone, describes what happened. She told DBPD that she was already parked in the lot when the carjacking victim pulled in, a little after 5 p.m. The witness said that three young black males entered the parking lot and walked toward the victim's car. When they got to the car, they made the victim get out. The witness said she saw a black handgun in one of the suspect's hands, which he pointed at the victim's head as he was exiting the car.

The three suspects got into the car and drove away southbound on Keech Street. The witness and her father who was with her said they weren't sure if they could identify the suspects.

The victim told officers pretty much the same story as the witnesses had but he was able to give a description of two of the men that carjacked him. The person he had been talking to on the letgo app, Antwon, is between 16 and 19 years of age, has a short afro with no facial hair, wearing a white t-shirt and red basketball shorts. The second suspect is described as being between 19 and 25 years old, wearing a black t-shirt and black pants. The victim could not give a description of the third suspect.

When the victim got out of the car, the second suspect asked him to start it, which he did. Suspect 2 got in the driver's seat and while the victim was standing there, leaning on the car, he felt something hard push against his lower back. He turned and saw the handgun. Suspect 2 put the car in reverse and started slowly backing up while the victim was standing between the open door and the car.

At this point, he noticed the third suspect. Antwon then put the gun to the victim's head. The victim says he's not sure what happened next but all three suspects were yelling at him. He said Antwon and the third suspect were punching him in the back with closed fists, trying to push him away from the car. Suspect 2 started to drive away and the victim gave chase while Antwon and Suspect 3 jumped into the back of the car through the rear windows.

The stolen vehicle was found a short time later, around 7:15 p.m., not far from where the carjacking took place. It was traveling near Loomis Avenue and Lockhart Street. The officer who saw the car lost visual but said the driver was a black male wearing a black shirt and the passenger, also a black male, was wearing a white shirt. The officer found the vehicle again a short time later, parked and locked in the 800 block of North Kottle Circle, not far from where it was stolen.

The car was transported to the police station on Valor Boulevard to be processed for latent prints. Possible evidence was found in the car. A backpack was found in the backseat and the victim says it is not his.

A search for the suspects resulted in two subjects being spotted on South Kottle Circle. One subject was wearing a red shirt and the other had on all black clothing. The officer that had spotted the stolen vehicle traveling said the man in black was not the man driving the car. The victim was taken to where the two subjects were to conduct a show-up. The victim told officers that neither one of the subjects was the suspect who took the car.

Daytona Beach Police asks anyone with information in this case, contact them. At this time, all of the suspects remain unknown.



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