Man Charged With Premeditated Attempted Murder After Threatening Woman

Suspect found chasing victim with a firearm prior to arrest


Bunnell, FL - A 39-year-old man is facing a multitude of charges after deputies say he threatened to kill his estranged girlfriend, the same woman he chased with a firearm as deputies came to arrest him.

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) says deputies first arrived at the victim's home on Friday (April 2nd) after she received multiple threatening texts from her boyfriend, Aaron Thayer. Photos released by investigators show Thayer saying things such as "I'm coming down and I'm going to fix this for ever (sic)," and "Imma (sic) kill you."

When asked about his current whereabouts, the victim said Thayer was in Connecticut for work, but she believed he was on his way back to Florida to act on his threats. She added that Thayer installed security cameras around the property to keep tabs on her while he was gone. The victim then showed deputies one of the blind spots in the cameras and asked to speak to them there so Thayer could not see her trying to get help.

Even as deputies were speaking to the victim, Thayer continued to send her threatening text messages and tried to call her multiple times. Deputies then asked her to answer one of the calls so they could try and figure out where Thayer was calling from. While she was talking to Thayer, deputies heard him ask who was at home with her before saying that he was on his way to come kill her. The phone call then ended and the victim disabled the security cameras.

With all of the information investigators obtained, the FCSO was able to obtain an arrest warrant for Thayer that included nationwide extradition. FCSO also called on their Special Investigation Unit (SIU) and their Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) to try and locate Thayer. Additionally, investigators contacted the US Marshals Service for help in locating Thayer.

According to a report from FCSO, the victim declined the agency's offer of going to a safe location. Instead, deputies began to conduct multiple safety checks on her home. Then around 3 p.m. on Saturday (April 3rd), the victim called 911 and said Thayer was at the home, armed with a tire iron, and was attempting to break in. Thayer eventually entered the home through the back door and began to threaten the victim again.

At some point, Thayer entered the bedroom, took $400 from within the home, and grabbed the victim's gun off her nightstand and began to chase her with it. Deputies that were nearby the home on another call soon responded to the home and found Thayer chasing the victim. Deputies say she ran behind one of their patrol cars as they confronted Thayer, who was not complying with commands, which led to him being tased. Once he was secured, deputies found the handgun and a folding knife in his waistband.

Thayer currently remains in custody with no bond. He was charged with written threats to kill, attempted premeditated murder with a firearm, possession of a firearm/ammunition by a convicted felon, petty theft, and resisting arrest without violence.