Man Cuts Power To House Before Attacking Gay Man

Suspect kept journal that included homophobic message, according to investigators


New Smyrna Beach, FL - An Orlando man who had a journal that included homophobic writings is in custody after he cut power to a gay couple's house and attacked one of the them.

The New Smyrna Beach Police Department (NSBPD) says officers were called to an Inwood Avenue home around 11:16 Sunday night (February 7th) with reports of a stabbing. When police arrived, they met with the victim who said he was sitting inside the home when the power went out. As he went outside to check the circuit breaker he was attacked by a male he identified as 31-year-old Damiek Jones.

The victim further explained that he was walking out of the front door of the home when he was hit on the back of the head with something hard. After he fell down, Jones began to stab him in the legs, yelling "got you now bitch, got you now f*****s, I got you now." The victim told investigators that he has known Jones for over two years and added that Jones even lived with him and his boyfriend for about a week. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Officers spoke to the victim's boyfriend, who said he saw Jones running away from the home after he heard yelling and fighting coming from outside the home. The boyfriend then ran after Jones and chased him down Inwood, noting that Jones appeared to have buried or thrown something in a nearby yard as he was chased.

A K9 unit that was canvassing the area for Jones soon found a red bandana, hat, scarf, and a chisel stabbed into the ground south of a Canal Street home where Jones was last seen running. Officers also found a black backpack that contained methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, a cellphone, and a black journal.

According to officers, the journal contained a page where someone wrote "I now understand that to hate them all is required... all of you shall have a moment of fate to look forward to." Investigators added that the writings explicitly mentioned the victim and his boyfriend, along two other names.

Data from the Volusia County Clerk of Courts and Volusia County Corrections shows Jones was arrested the following day and now faces a multitude of charges including aggravated with a deadly weapon, committing a 2nd degree misdemeanor with prejudice, and multiple drug and drug paraphernalia charges. He remains in custody on bond set at $132,500. His first appearance in court was scheduled for Tuesday (February 9th) at 1:30 in the afternoon.