Palm Coast 11-Year-Old Charged With False Report Of A Bomb


Palm Coast, FL -  For the second time this week, the Flagler County Sheriff's Office arrested a student for making threats at school both saying "they were only joking." An 11-year-old male student at Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School is now charged with False Report of a Bomb.

FCSO deputies made contact with Principal Kavanagh yesterday (January 27) who reported an email from a parent stating that her daughter heard the suspect make some concerning statements during the previous day's lunch period. The suspect made "numerous disturbing statements regarding his intentions to cause harm to students at the school and the way he would use to do it."

The daughter reported "the suspect said he would blow the school up with bombs and harm students with a gun and mace that he claimed to have in his backpack. The suspect also claimed to have been stalking another female student and to know what her bedroom looked like."

Another student who was present during that lunch period confirmed that they heard the same threats.

Next was a visit to the suspect and his parents. When deputies asked him if made those statements, he admitted to doing so but claimed to have 'only been joking' and wasn't going to hurt anyone. When asked if there was a gun in his backpack, the suspect responded "No" but that he did have a can of mace. A search of the backpack found the mace and a 2 1/2-inch pocket knife.

“This is the second arrest this week for making threats and then claiming they were just joking,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “Parents please talk to your kids about wrong and right and keep track of what they’re bringing to school in their backpacks. Do not be surprised when we come knocking on your door after hearing about a bomb threat your child has made. Saying you were just joking is not going to make deputies turn around and leave. We take all threats very seriously and your child will be arrested. Be the Sheriff in your home before we have to be the Sheriff for your child. We do not like making these arrests so help us prevent it by talking to your child.”

The 11-year-old suspect was arrested and taken to the Flagler County Jail and then released to the custody of his parents as required by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).


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