Pigmy Sperm Whale Beaches Itself In New Smyrna Beach


UPDATE: July 25 - The Hubbs Florida Marine Mammal Stranding Team posted the reasons for euthanizing the whale rather than trying to rehabilitate it. "Unfortunately due to its poor health and poor rehabilitation prognosis the animal was humanely euthanized.

A full necropsy was performed and the animal was discovered to have a variety of parasites, liver and lung issues, as well as signs of cardiomyopathy which is commonly found in stranded individuals of this species."

New Smyrna Beach, FL - An 8.5 ft Pigmy Sperm Whale beached itself a little before 9 a.m. today in the 4200 block S the beach New Smyrna Beach. Though there were no signs of trauma, the Marine Mammal Stranding Team, along with Hubbs Seaworld responded and decided it needed to be euthanized.

The Marine Mammal Stranding Team is part of Volusia County's Growth and Resource Managment Division. From their page: "Marine mammal strandings are common along the Florida coast and occur when live animals beach themselves or dead animals wash up on shore. Many of the reasons why live animals beach themselves are unknown. When a stranding occurs in Volusia County, a team of volunteers, the Volusia County Marine Mammal Stranding Team (VCMMST), are notified to assess the situation."

To find out more about the Marine Mammal Stranding Team and how you can help, see their page at volusia.org.


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