Police: Man Calls & Messages Wife Over 2,000 Times Within 5 Days

Man now facing aggravated stalking and battery charges


Daytona Beach, FL - Investigators say a Daytona Beach man is facing aggravated stalking charges after calling and messaging his wife over 2,000 times within the span of five days.

An arrest report obtained by News Daytona Beach says the charges against 24-year-old Jose Bastidas-Meneses stem from an incident that began on Thanksgiving (Nov. 25). The report says Bastidas-Meneses’ wife was preparing to leave their apartment when he began to harass her to not leave the apartment. After cornering her in the bathroom and punching her in the arm, Bastidas-Meneses allowed her to leave.

According to a report from the Port Orange Police Department, the wife alleged that Bastidas-Meneses began to call her and harass her, saying she’ll “pay” for leaving him alone on Thanksgiving. Then Bastidas-Meneses started to send threatening messages, stating that he was going to kill her and her family.

Bastidas-Meneses even went as far as to try and show up to his wife’s grandmother’s residence, but was turned away at the security gate. Still, Bastidas-Meneses found a way onto the property and began to bang on the back glass door of her grandmother’s home, prompting the wife to call 911.

As Port Orange police spoke to his wife, Bastidas-Meneses continued to call and text his wife. The messages, according to police, included phrases like: “You are going to pay for everything you have me feel” and “The next time I see you I’m going to destroy you butch (sic).” An officer called Bastidas-Meneses and told him to cease contact with his wife, which he said he understood. That was before Bastidas-Meneses continued to call and send messages.

Officers attempted to contact Bastidas-Meneses at his apartment, but they were not able to find him. He was also asked to show up to the police department which he declined.

While filing a report with the Daytona Beach Police Department, the wife mentioned another incident on November 21 where Bastidas-Meneses punched her face and head and struck her with a belt.

On Monday (Nov. 29), the wife spoke with a detective and said Bastidas-Meneses resorted to calling her workplace in an attempt to locate her. Because of his constant contact, the wife told investigators she was afraid to return to her apartment or go to work because of Bastidas-Meneses. According to a report, while the detective spoke to the wife, Bastidas-Meneses sent her 29 separate messages on Facebook. 

The detective also noticed “hundreds” of unanswered texts and calls, five of which were made after 3:00 a.m. that same day.

Bastidas-Meneses has since been arrested. He now faces charges for aggravated stalking, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and battery. He remains in custody with no bond. Bastidas-Meneses is set to be arraigned on January 4.