Rescued Homing Pigeons Headed To Universal Studios


Daytona Beach, Fl - Volusia County Animal Services (VCAS) reports that they have not been able to find the owner of the 73 pigeons rescued last week from I-95 but they are and will be taken care of.

VCAS Rescues 73 Homing Pigeons Found On I-95

The birds have been placed with a rescue and are being quarantined, which is a standard precautionary measure. The birds did suffer damages to their wing feathers, so they're being housed and cared for while their feathers grow back. The trainer taking care of the birds said many of the birds were whistle/peeping, which indicates that they are likely very young.

After time for quarantine and healing, the birds will begin training at Universal Studios and will ultimately be part of the flight show at the park.


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