Sally Hunt Reiterates Impending School Board Resignation


Flagler School Board member Sally Hunt confirmed during the Tuesday School Board meeting that she’d be resigning her position on the Board. It would put the seat up for an appointment by Governor Ron DeSantis, with Hunt having served just under half of her elected term. She's already confirmed that she'd be resigning in the past, but this latest declaration provided a slightly more specific look into when that may take place.

She said in March that she'd be resigning when she and her husband were ready to move, calling it "a fluid situation". The couple have purchased a home in Georgia, but don't appear to be on the immediate verge of leaving judging from Hunt's comments during Tuesday's meeting.

She did say she planned on leaving before November, when the 2024 general elections take place. The timing of Hunt's resignation will ensure, in accordance with state laws, that her seat will be filled by Ron DeSantis as opposed to the voters of Flagler County in a special election. DeSantis endorsed Hunt's opponent Jill Woolbright in 2022, and can be reasonably expected to select a replacement who matches his socially conservative platform on education.

Assuming Hunt's resignation carries on as planned (she's come close and backed down before), three seats are slated to change members following this year's election. Board member Colleen Conklin is not running again, with challengers Derek Barrs and Paul Mucciolo currently filed for her seat. Cheryl Massaro is also planning to step down, with Lauren Ramirez and Vincent Sullivan vying for her seat. With none of those four candidates having School Board experience, there may be three entirely fresh faces come November. Furry and Christy Chong, who were elected in 2022, would hold the most seniority at one half-term apiece.

Hunt was elected in August 2022, defeating the incumbent Woolbright as the latter was receiving national attention - both positive and negative - for her staunch efforts to enact the removal of library books containing sexual and racial content. She campaigned alongside educator Courtney VandeBunte who ran on similar values to Hunt, with VandeBunte losing in a runoff election against Will Furry. Hunt's tenure on the School Board has been hectic, with several allusions of resignation and deciding votes on matters such as the ousting of former Superintendent Cathy Mittelstadt. Even VandeBunte has distanced herself from Hunt in the aftermath.