School Is Underway And So Are Online Threats By Juveniles


Bunnell, FL -  School in Flagler County has been in session less than a week and the Flagler County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) has already charged a 13-year-old female student with Sending Written Threat to Conduct Acts of Terrorism. She was sent to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Investigators say the suspect sent multiple online messages and posts, and left voice mails late on Saturday (August 14). The victim showed them to her parents and they contacted FCSO.

Deputies responding were told by the victim that the suspect had threatened to kill her by shooting her in the face. She said that she and the suspect knew each other from school and had been friendly but tonight "Hailey was mad with her."  There were multiple text messages asking for a meetup to fight. When the victim's parents were shown an Instagram post showing the suspect with a gun, they became scared for their child's life and wanted to press charges.

Investigators went to the suspect's home and made contact with her father. The suspect said she was mad "because people were talking about her mother who died earlier this year." The suspect denied making the threats but when the Instagram clip was played, her father confirmed that it was his daughter's voice. The father also said that the gun in the post was his and that he keeps it locked up in a safe. 

“Many of our kids and students are now learning online and actively using social media so I ask that parents be the Sheriff of their homes and monitor their kid’s online activity,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “It’s important to know who your child is communicating with online and what they are saying. I also hope this teenager gets the help she needs on how to handle disagreements before she progresses to more serious criminal activity.”

Staly went on, "Online threats have increased over the years as social media has become more prominent. It is important to be aware and careful of who you are communicating with online. With school starting up parents should talk to their children and remind them FCSO does not tolerate threats and their child will be arrested if they violate the law. Teach them the proper way to resolving a dispute and making threats is not it. A threat online still holds the same importance as a threat in person and sometimes it is even more serious under the law. Be careful of what you say and do online."