Suspect Who Punched 75-Year-Old Man Over Social Distancing Concern Arrested


UPDATE (08-27-20): News Daytona Beach has updated this report with Capozzi's photo. Data from Volusia County Corrections also shows that Capozzi is not in custody as of Thursday morning (August 27th).

Initial report below.

Daytona Beach Shores, FL - Following their investigation into the matter, the Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety arrests a 59-year-old man accused of punching a 75-year-old man over a social distancing concern.

According to investigators, the suspect, who has since been identified as Peter Capozzi of Ponce Inlet, came forward to police on Monday (August 24th) after seeing surveillance footage of himself and his girlfriend on the news.

The incident in question involves a 75-year-old man who reportedly asked Capozzi's girlfriend to abide by social distancing guidelines while standing in a checkout line at a South Atlantic Avenue Publix on Sunday (August 23rd).

The victim brought up the concern because he recently underwent heart surgery and was concerned for his well-being.

After the victim left the store, he was confronted by Capozzi in the parking lot. That's when Capozzi punched him in the chest, resulting in a bruise on the victim's chest.

Following the altercation, Capozzi reportedly stood over the victim and threatened him.

Two days later, the investigation into the matter was wrapped up and officers determined that there was probable cause to charge Capozzi with battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

After an arrest warrant was filed, Capozzi was arrested at his Ponce Inlet home. Once he is processed by police, he will be transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail where he will be held on a $5,000.00 bond.

Other photos of Capozzi are not available at this time.