Hurricane Ian

The Woodlands Ordered to Evacuate; Bunnell Told Essential Water Use Only


UPDATE 2:12 pm: The day's evacuation order has been extended to Bulow Mobile Home Park, Flagler Beach Polo Club West, Bulow Woods, Seaside Landings, Flagler Beach Polo Club. Residents of Lambert Ave and Palm Dr in Flagler Beach were already urged to leave, but are now re-encouraged to do so as flooding worsens.

“We urge residents in these areas to leave immediately due to updated expectations of significant flooding and the potential to impact your homes,” said Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “Additionally, as the flooding progresses it is possible that emergency vehicles will no longer have access to your neighborhood.”

Those who don't have friends or relatives to go to can take shelter at Rymfire Elementary School.

BUNNELL – Things continue to change rapidly in Flagler County in the wake of once Hurricane, now Tropical Storm Ian. Zone C of the county, also known as The Woodlands, has been ordered to evacuate the area immediately by the Flagler County Emergency Management Department. The order comes with serious implications as it shows that for some residents, getting onto the roads in dangerous storm conditions is safer than staying home.

Additionally, residents of Bunnell have been urged only to use water for essential purposes. “Right now, our manhole covers are overflowing with rainwater,” said Bunnell City Manager Alvin Jackson. “That will change, so please no more showers or dishes or other non-essential uses. Please use water sparingly for at least the next 24 hours, but this could last longer because of the amount of rain we are getting at this time.” Even toilet flushing should be kept to a minimum, according to a news release from the Bunnell city government.

Elsewhere in the county, Rymfire Elementary School has been converted from a special needs shelter to a general population shelter in light of recent developments. Rymfire had previously been designated only for those with special care circumstances, but will now be open to anyone displaced by the storm. This will include residents of The Woodlands, who should presently be evacuating their homes and making their way to safety. Bunnell Elementary School is also open as a general population shelter.

The worst of Tropical Storm Ian is expected to continue into Thursday night and early Friday morning, before beginning to subside later in the day Friday. Still, anyone in affected areas are asked to take extreme caution when leaving their homes, and refrain from entering into floodwaters. Current curfew policy covers 8:00 pm to 7:00 am, but that may change if conditions continue to worsen. The Flagler County Emergency Management Department remains the best resource for Flagler County residents to receive up-to-date information on Tropical Storm Ian.


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