Toll Discounts Coming for I-4 and Florida Turnpike

Effective September 1st


A discount on highway tolls for frequent travelers will be enacted on September 1st and run for six months, per an order from Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday.

Discounts of 20% will be issued for users of 40 tolls or more per month, along with a 25% discount for users of 80 or more tolls per month. It will be an offer exclusive to users of SunPass and E-Pass transponders. It will apply to two-axle vehicles.

Exempt from this discount is the Central Florida Expressway Authority and the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority. DeSantis said he doesn't have the authority to impose the discount, and that it would be up to the administrative agencies of those roads to offer similar deals in the future.

“We think the potential benefit is about 400,000 SunPass customers who are using FDOT and Turnpike operating toll roads to get to work every day,” said DeSantis in Orange County on Thursday. An estimated $40 million in revenue could be sacrificed by the state for the discounts, but it would go back into the pockets of frequent highway motorists.