VCS Increases Number Of Tickets For This Year's Graduates


DeLand, FL - After beginning with a two-ticket limit, then increased to four in March, Volusia County Schools (VCS) has increased the number to six for graduates this year. The increase to four came after many parents and students showed up at the Volusia County Council's March 16 meeting asking for more tickets and more capacity for graduation.

Adults, Teens Asking For More Capacity At Graduations At Ocean Center

The district made the decision "after careful consideration of health and safety guidelines."  The request to increase capacity restrictions at the Ocean Center was granted. 

Ceremonies are scheduled to be held June 3-6 at the Ocean Center. Graduates and their guests will be required to wear face-coverings and to socially distance to the greatest extent possible.

Families should look to their high school for details on graduation ticket sales in the near future. Because CDC guidelines are still in place,  VCS will professionally live-stream the ceremonies to allow extended families to watch remotely.

You can find the graduation schedule, "though dates are subject to change because of the pandemic" on the website.

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