VCSB Pushes Change To Board Meeting Public Comment Policy To January


DeLand, FL - Policy changes to public comment during a regular Volusia County School Board (VCSB) meeting were pulled from the agenda at Tuesday's meeting. Volusia County Schools (VCS) Community Information Director Kelly Schulz said, "The board decided to postpone the public participation policy changes until our January meeting. In the meantime, board members will individually send General Counsel Kevin Pendley their preferred changes. Once he puts it all together he will put it on the agenda for January for the board to discuss and vote on."

Here are the proposed changes that will add a section on decorum during meetings:

  • prohibits people from addressing individual board members;
  • prohibits people from discussing ongoing litigation or disciplinary issues;
  • prohibits profanity, personal attacks, or abusive comments;
  • prohibits clapping, heckling, or comments from the audience;
  • prohibits people from talking on the phone in the board room;
  • and gives the chairperson the ability to cut anyone off from speaking if they violate the policy and call in law enforcement to remove the individual from the meeting. 

VCSB is still working on its version of redistricting, with Board members still undecided on which map to choose. According to Schulz, during Tuesday's meeting, Mr. Persis said he liked Map Z, Mr. Colon, and Ms. Haynes like map L. Ms. Burnette doesn’t’ really like map L because it divides a subdivision.  Approving a map has been pushed to the December board meeting.

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  • How is this not a government violation of First Amendment rights guaranteed in the US Constitution? How is prohibit speakers from addressing individual board members not abridging freedom of speech; or prohibiting applause not abridging freedom of speech; or prohibiting discussing disciplinary issues not abridging freedom of speech; or prohibiting abusive comments not abridging freedom of speech? What are the school board members afraid of - hurt feelings? If they did not want the job, which in part exposes their decisions to criticism from the taxpayers, then they should quit. Instead, they apparently opt to silence free speech so they can continue to do what ever they want to do without facing criticism from the public. These proposed rules expose them as petty tyrants. Any and all who vote yea should be recalled for violating the US Constitution.

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