VCSD-VUE Bargaining Stalemate Again


DeLand, FL - Saying that today's offer from the Volusia County School District is their best and final, VCSD Human Resources Director Rachel Hazel ended today's (November 30) bargaining session between the district and Volusia United Educators. 

VUE President Elizabeth Albert presented a proposal when the meeting began at 9 a.m. and says that it was for less than what was previously asked for.  Hazel responded that the district's counter-offer is most equitable and that VUE is asking for $2 million more than is available through the $10 million allocation from the state. Albert's answer to that is that the district does have the extra  money due to several factors. "There is money available, not even necessarily looking at new money coming in. We're talking about $2 million. That's less than half of the salary lapse that the district receives from all of the folks who have retired early and gone out."

What today's meeting came down to is the school district wants to spend only the extra $10 million that was issued by the Florida Department of Education and VUE wants the district to break out some of the money that Albert says they saved due to teachers retiring and/or leaving the district. 

Both sides decided that there was no point in scheduling another session but Albert did ask Hazel for some information that would prove her point. "If I could please have information on the salary lapse savings from the folks who have retired, real numbers on the terminal leave payout. I'd like to also know the amount of savings from the longevity supplement from those that retired." 

At the time of this article, neither the  VCSD or the Volusia County School Board has released any comment on what will happen next.



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