Volusia County Elections Supervisor Wrap-up Of 2020 Elections


DeLand, FL - Volusia County Supervisor of Elections  Lisa Lewis was on-hand at today's (November 10) Volusia County Council meeting to speak on the Amendment 10 Participation Agreement, she also gave Council an update on Election results.

The COVID-19 pandemic started during early voting for the Presidential Preference Primary Election in March. Lewis said that three polling locations were lost the weekend before the March 17 election. "The Governor came down with an Executive Order which allowed schools to be used. We took advantage of that. The schools could not be more welcoming. I cannot give enough kudos to them for the way they welcomed all of our clerks, all of our poll workers, even the campaigners." 

As for the results of the general election, what a record, according to Lewis. "We had a 77.7 percent turnout. We had over 82 percent vote before Election Day. We mailed out over 175,000 vote-by-mail ballots. We had over 112,000 vote in-person in early voting over 14 days."

All in all, despite 2020 and the pandemic, things went smoothly. Lewis said maybe there was a little hiccup here and there and some people think we could have done some things better, there's always room for improvement. Overall, she said, Volusia County is not in the news and the state of Florida is not in the news and that is wonderful.


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