Volusia SOE Honored By Halifax Council Of The Blind


DeLand, FL -  Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis was recognized during today's (May 18) Volusia County Council (VCC) meeting by the Halifax Council of the Blind.

VCC Chair Jeff Brower announced the recognition ceremony for Lewis prior to public comment. Mary Tyson, President of the Halifax Council of the Blind, read a letter from the state organization awarding Lewis their 2021 Legislative Award for her work as an advocate for people with disabilities. "Lisa goes well beyond her job duties to enable citizens to fully participate in local, statewide, and national elections. She is always willing and available to present at outreach activities for voters who are blind."

Tyson said that Lewis has presented at the American Council of the Blind legislative seminar, Halifax Council of the Blind membership meetings, and other blindness-related consumer group meetings. "When Volusia County conducted a special  vote-by-mail, Lisa and her staff set aside a Saturday at the City Island Library for use of the express vote which enables people with print disabilities to vote independently and in secret."


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