VSO Says Starving Horses Are Recovering And Gaining Weight


Edgewater, FL - Two emaciated horses confiscated from their owner last week in Edgewater are on the slow road to recovery, according to Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

Chitwood recorded a message to let concerned citizens know how the mares are doing.

The female horses were taken from a home on Clinton Cemetary Road on December 11 after the owners verbally signed over ownership to the Sheriff's Office.

Both horses, Niagra, a brown mare and Tiffany, a black mare, weigh about half of what they should, which would normally be about 900 pounds apiece.

A veterinarian is assessing the horses daily as they are eating hay and being reintroduced to food. The mares are being taken care of at a confidential location so as not to jeopardize the case.

The transfer of ownership is going through the civil process. Animal cruelty charges are pending.