VUE Says Schools Are Not Clean


DeLand, FL - Volusia County teachers say they came back to school to find filth, dirt, and grime and “just a complete demonstration of ABM’s inability to provide a safe and clean environment for teaching and learning.” 

Elizabeth Albert, Volusia United Educators President, says that ABM has had an entire summer to go into our schools and clean them. She said that teachers returned to their classrooms yesterday and posted pictures to the VUE Facebook page of what they found. "Teachers have returned and they're looking inside their desks and their desks are jammed with used toilet paper that's been used as tissues from students. We've got mold and we've got mildew."

Albert says that the cleanliness of Volusia County Schools is a dirty secret and it’s time for it to be told. "The cleaning company has told our School Board members that they were in there but for one reason or another, they're saying prohibited them from getting the job done. There are a million excuses. I want to know if a parent thinks it's an appropriate use of their tax money to pay this company to not do the job."

Negotiations continue this afternoon and through the rest of the week between VUE and the school district.


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