A Tool to Help Hobbyists and Professionals Get the Job Done


(Family Features) Whether you’re into woodworking, metalworking, building models or another craft or hobby, the right tools allow you to work faster, easier and smarter.

A capable and versatile project partner, the IQ Vise System by Work IQ Tools is a problem-solving bench vise system that is transforming the way DIYers, craftsmen, hobbyists, makers and pros get the job done. It features a ball and socket design that articulates and rotates 360 degrees for optimal work positioning while complementing task-specific jaw sleeves are crafted to create the perfect grip for an extensive range of shapes and materials.

Plus, with four ports built directly into the vise, you can attach the plug-and-play workshop accessories including the IQ Connect Work Light, Magnifying Glass and Cell Phone Holder directly to the vise or take them where you need them around your workspace.

With three mounts – a bench mount to screw directly into your workbench or stud wall, a magnetic mount that can attach to any metal surface and a clamp mount that functions like a common c-clamp for quick and temporary mounting to any surface edge 2 1/4 inches or under – it’s like having an extra set of hands to help tackle whatever project you’re taking on.

Find more tools to help you work smarter at workiqtools.com.