33 groundbreaking NASA missions in photographs

Stacker looks at more than 30 groundbreaking NASA missions in photographs, including missions such as Apollo 11, the Space Shuttle Program, and the new James Webb Space Telescope. 
Fun facts and studies

Sleeping fish? From sharks to salmon, guppies to groupers, here’s how they grab a snooze

A large group of yellowfin tuna swimming off the coast of Italy. Like all fish, they sleep, but it’s not like human sleep. Giordano Cipriani/The Image Bank via Getty Images Michael …

Why are some people mosquito magnets and others unbothered? A medical entomologist points to metabolism, body odor and mindset

It’s rare to attend an outdoor party in warm weather without hearing people complain about mosquitoes. They swat away, sit in campfire smoke, cover up with blankets and eventually just give up and go indoors. On the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of people who don’t seem bothered by mosquitoes in the slightest.

People think they should talk less to be liked, but new research suggests you should speak up in conversations with strangers

We found that people tend to think they should speak about 45% of the time to be likable in a one-on-one conversation with someone new. However, it appears speaking up a bit more is actually a better strategy.
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The story behind every NFL team name

As the NFL counts down the days to kicking off the league's 103rd season, Stacker looks at the history of every team name.

7 ways to increase storage space in your backyard

Extra Space Storage explored seven simple ways to increase outdoor storage.

The NHL's Coyotes are going to have historic attendance lows this season—here's how bad it will be

Hockey's Arizona Coyotes will be playing in a 5,000-seat arena this season. Stacker analyzed data from HockeyDB.com to find out what this means.

Adulting then and now: How growing up has changed

Jerry takes a look at how adulting has evolved over the years.

How "monkeypox" and other disease names have caused controversy

Stacker investigated how "monkeypox" and other disease names have caused controversy, using a collection of news, scientific, and government sources.

25 costliest hurricanes of all time

Although the full extent of damage caused by Hurricane Ian in the Southwest is still being realized, Ian is already being called one of the costliest storms to ever hit the U.S. Stacker took a look at NOAA data to extrapolate the costliest U.S. hurricanes of all time.   

In the News
In the news
Is your neighborhood at risk of sinkhole damage? You might be surprised ...
Stacker investigated some of the primary risk factors for sinkholes and where those factors may be present using information from the U.S. Geological Survey and other scientific sources.
Rates of women voter registrations are surging—particularly where reproductive rights are threatened
Stacker analyzed TargetSmart data to see how women's voter registrations have changed since the Dobbs decision. State rankings for legislation affecting abortion access are from the Guttmacher Institute.
These are the groups behind some of the biggest cybercrimes
Using sources including the U.S. government and the Council on Foreign Relations, Twingate has compiled a list of eight notorious hacking groups around the world.
Comprehensive sex education matters. Here's what the data shows
Stacker cited data from SIECUS, the Guttmacher Institute, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to visualize how sex education relates to different health outcomes and aspects of daily life.
Timeline of Jewish history in the US
Stacker compiled a list of important events in American Jewish communities since the 14th century based on historical accounts, news, and government records.
Former jobs of the governor of every state
Stacker analyzed the former roles of every current governor in America.
How to become a poll worker—and other ways to encourage voting
Stacker compiled information from government agencies and voting rights organizations on how you can become a poll worker, and various other resources to encourage and empower voting
Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test?
There are 100 questions on the civics section of the U.S. citizenship test. Applicants are asked ten of those questions orally and must answer at least six of them correctly. Stacker compiled a list of the test's questions and answers; can you answer them all correctly?  
Former world leaders who were prosecuted after leaving office
Stacker referenced news coverage and legal documents to compile a list of former leaders who were prosecuted after leaving office. Read on to learn about what they were charged with and the sentences they received.   
The history of voting in the United States
Stacker examined how voting rights have evolved in America, how much has been accomplished, and how much remains to be done.
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