17 Year-Old Arrested, Charged with Attempted Murder


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A 17 year-old from Daytona Beach was arrested this week and issued two charges of attempted first degree murder. The arrest was connected to the Thursday admission of three males to Halifax Health with gunshot wounds.

Tyrone Gipson Jr. doesn't turn 18 until next month, but already he finds himself connected to a grisly shooting in Daytona. According to police, he shot the two victims when they were sitting in their car on the 200 block of North Adams St, after yelling "give it up f*ck n*gga". He is said to have initially told police he did shoot the two in an act of self-defense.

Gipson reportedly told police he was robbed before going into a CT scan for his own gunshot wounds. The two victims and Gipson each arrived at Halifax Health separately, all three there to receive care after being shot. One victim was shot in the left arm, the other in the head and chest. Gipson was shot in the abdomen and left arm.

Police reviewed surveillance footage that depicted the initial shootout on Thursday, and say they have evidence to conclude that Gipson engaged in felony attempted first degree murder against each of the two victims.