Daytona Beach

5 Year-Old Hospitalized After Being Hit by Car in Ocean


5 year-old David Alamos was hospitalized at Halifax Health on Sunday after being hit by a car in the ocean in Daytona Beach. The car was being driven by 28 year-old Christian Rosado, who is said to have had a seizure behind the wheel.

Alamos was treated for two open cuts following the crash, according to his father Hugo Alamos. He was released from Halifax Hospital reportedly in good spirits despite the frightening ordeal. Representatives from Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue are the ones who confirmed the crash to be the result of a suspected seizure on Monday.

Along with Rosado, wife Yashira De Jesus Guzman was also in the car, as well as their 10 and 13 year-old daughters. All four were also taken to the hospital to be treated. The car had its front end smashed in, and a beachside toll booth was destroyed by the car as it drove out of control down a vehicle ramp.

Rosado has said he does not remember the incident. He was issued a citation for careless driving after their Nissan Altima was removed from the beach waves by a tow truck. "I was so scared for my son. I was also very scared for my wife, who is pregnant," said Alamos after the crash. "It was just unreal."