Accused Double-Murderer Jean Macean Deemed Incompetent to Stand Trial


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Jean Macean, the man accused of murdering a married couple during Bike Week last year, was ruled incompetent to stand trial by a judge Tuesday.  The 33 year-old suspect is said by police to have stabbed Brenda and Terry Aultman to death while they rode their bicyles home from Bike Week festivities.

In light of this new ruling Macean will be admitted to a mental health facility for 90 days. A psychologist diagnosed him with schizophrenia leading to mania. He was also said to have brain trauma and recurring hallucinations of lost family members.

The February 2022 murders of the Aultmans shook Daytona to its core, with even seasoned law enforcement professionals calling it one of the grizzliest they'd ever seen. A widely publicized manhunt began in the following days, and Macean was eventually tracked down in Orlando.

What happens next in the prosecution of Macean will depend on the outcome of his 90-day treatment regimen. If he's later able to stand trial and is subsequently convicted, Macean is looking at either life in prison or the death penalty.