Average Gas Price Down 8 Cents in Florida


The average cost of a gallon of gas in Florida has decreased eight cents in the last week, according to figures from AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins. As of Sunday, the average was listed at $3.08, compared to $3.16 the week before.

More and more, many Floridians continue to feel as though gas companies are establishing near-$3.00 prices as the new normal. Even as inflation has reduced significantly from its worst level in 2022, prices have lowered only part of the way to the levels they were at before. The cost of a barrel of oil as set by OPEC has lowered in January, and gas prices have generally lowered along with it.

"Florida gas prices continue bouncing above and below $3 a gallon," Jenkins said. "This week, prices are below $3 in various cities throughout the state. Only time will tell if that trend continues."

Volusia County has slightly more expensive gas than the state average, with a county average of $3.11 as of early Tuesday morning. Flagler County is slightly higher still, at $3.16 a gallon on average. As is usually the case, Buc-ee's on LPGA Blvd in Daytona offers the cheapest publicly available gas in either Volusia or Flagler counties, at $2.84 a gallon as of Tuesday. Sam's Club across the street is at the same number.

The cheapest gas in Flagler County is Bunnell Gas Mart on US-1 just south of Old Dixie Highway, which sat at $2.99 a gallon as of Tuesday morning. Gas under $3.00 a gallon was nigh-impossible to find elsewhere in Flagler as of the most recent data.