Beacon Center CEO Says Help Is Available For Domestic Violence Victims


Daytona Beach, FL - October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Chief Executive Officer of the Beacon Center in Daytona Beach, Angie Pye,  wants victims to know that help is available. She said they can provide services for anyone in need, including children and pets.

Pye encourages those that need help not to hesitate to text or call the Beacon Center hotline because their priority is to make sure that victims have a safe place to go. "They can text or call our hotline at 386-255-2102. We can provide transportation to the shelter, If for some reason we don't have a bed available, we will pay for a motel room." You can find the steps to create a safety plan at

Many victims call the police when there's a situation. Pye says that many times, there is nothing that they can do because no actual crime has been committed. When the police come, it could make a bad situation worse.  Pye says the most dangerous times for a victim are when they call the police and when they try to leave. 

For more information locally, visit and nationally on the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) webpage,


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